Invited Speakers

Please find below a complete list of the invited speakers with titles of talks and biographies (as available).

  • Professor Jocelyn Bell Burnell, University of Oxford, UK

        Keynote speaker


  • Dr Arianna Borrelli, Technical University Berlin, Germany

        The joint rise of symmetry and symmetry-breaking in particle physics


  • Professor Patricia Fara, Clare College Cambridge, UK

        The Marie Curie Effect


        The development of high-energy γ-ray astronomy

  • Professor Peter Gallagher, Dublin Institute for Advanced Studies, Ireland

        Astronomy at Birr Castle down through the ages; from the Earl of Rosse to LOFAR


        No shadow of a doubt: Eddington, Dyson and the eclipse expeditions of 1919


        One hundred years of nuclear physics


        The dream of alchemists: Rutherford, the first artificial transmutation and the discovery of the proton


        To be or not to be. Observing totality during the 1919 solar eclipse at Príncipe and Sobral


  • Sir Roland Jackson, The Royal Institution, UK

        The life and science of John Tyndall


  • Professor Johannes Orphal, Karlsruhe Institute of Technology, Germany

        A brief history of climate science


        From the greenhouse effect to modern climate modelling